I am a freelance cinematographer, who has embraced digital cinematography and worked on countless of projects, ranging from narrative short and feature films to commercials, music videos, timelapses and much more. As a cinematographer, my job is to see and set light to pursue the vision of the director and client. I am extremely passionate about telling stories with the medium of cinematography. My aim is to always contribute to the story of a film with my cinematography and help tell a story and create a mood with the medium of light and camera movement. I strive to create a unique look for every single project and enjoy working closely with the director to create his dream vision. I am always looking for new, interesting projects to tackle and am very enthusiastic about even the simplest idea. My work takes me all around the world and I have worked for a number of clients from different countries and collaborated with many filmmakers from abroad. Some of the countries I have worked in are Australia, China, America, Germany, Singapore, Italy, France and a lot more.

I am highly experienced with a wide range of digital cinema cameras and Super 35mm chip camcorders. Digital cinema cameras I am very proficient with are the ARRI Alexa, RED Epic, Scarlet and One, as well as some experience with the F65. My knowledge and experience with Super 35mm camcorders includes Sony FS100, FS700 and F3, as well as the Canon C300 and C100. I am also experienced with DSLR cameras (Canon & Nikon).

I spend many hours researching new film technology, as I want to be able to make informed choices about equipment which might be required for specific jobs. I also write a blog, which covers everything from current project to tips and tricks as well as long tutorials on specific techniques. I am always happy to help out with gear questions and problems, so please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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